Resident Advisors

Chiara Sauvage

Major: Computer Science

Hey there guys! My name is Chiara Sauvage and I am a fourth-year in the Engineering School, studying computer science, and hopefully minoring in art. Some of my hobbies include reading constantly, binge-watching tv shows on Netflix, and drawing. I love to make jokes and to laugh, and my favorite conversations are the ones that tend to happen past my bedtime. Feel free to email me whenever you want about whatever you want, I'm always open! I can't wait to meet everyone and have a terrific year.

Dalton Anderson

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hey guys! I’m Dalton. I’m a third-year in the school of engineering and I’ll be studying mechanical engineering, whoo! I’m from a small town called Middlesex that’s on the Rappahannock River and  the Chesapeake Bay. I probably have a thousand and one interests, but by far my favorite is wood working. From kayaks to traditional wooden bows I love to make things. I can’t wait to see everybody and have an awesome year, let’s go Hereford!!!

Derek Boylan

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Hey guys! My name is Derek Boylan, and I’m a fourth-year in the Engineering School, studying Biomedical Engineering and minoring in Computer Science. I’ll be stationed on Whyburn third floor for the year where you will likely find me playing video games, drums, guitar, or watching TV if I’m in. If I’m not in my room, I might be playing Frisbee or volleyball outside, or DJing for my weekly radio show on WXTJ. While I’ve lived in Hereford for the past two years, this is my first year being an RA, and I’m super excited to get started! Can’t wait to meet everyone!

Freda Biyaa Assuah

Major: Cognitive Science, Computer Science
Hi everyone! I am a fourth-year from Accra, Ghana. I am currently in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Cognitive Science with a concentration in Computer Science. This is my first year on staff but I have lived in Hereford for the past two years. Hereford is a great community that has helped me grow as an individual and I hope it does the same for you. I'm looking forward to meeting you all and here is my email in case you have any questions about Hereford or UVa in general:


Joe Tobin

Major: Mathematics & Computer Science

Hey there! I am a fourth-year student in the College of Arts and Sciences and majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science.  I was born and raised in Cranford, New Jersey (~25 miles outside of NYC). As far as interests go, I really enjoy playing sports (soccer, badminton, racquetball, ping pong, anything really), board games, and the great outdoors.  In addition to my involvement with Hereford, I also enjoy being an active member of the computer science community at UVa (ask me about ACM), organically farming garlic, and pretending I can understand math/theoretical computer science papers.  I am excited to be returning as an RA in Hereford and I am looking forward to meeting everyone!

Renee Mitchell

What's up, Hereford?  I'm a second-year planning on majoring in computer engineering and minoring in design integration.  In my free time you'll probably find me building things in a lab, singing for the church worship band, taking pictures of flowers or of people, or chilling in the Hereford Hub with all of you!  If there are cute animals on Grounds at any point, you just might find me there with them.  Overall, I'm incredibly excited to be an RA at Hereford so I can get to know all of you!