Short Courses

Each semester, Hereford offers one-credit short courses taught by our Fellows. The courses provide an opportunity for students to explore topics beyond their major or field of study. Courses are often held in the late afternoon or evening at Hereford. Students can register for the courses on SIS (INST 2550), indicating that they are a Hereford student in the enrollment request form. 



3 CREDIT OFFERING, Hereford Goes to China Over Spring Break!

UVA Hereford College in China: Global Engagement at Home & Abroad

Instructor: Caren Freeman 

Chinese and non-Chinese students who live side by side at Hereford Residential College are invited to explore their diverse yet interconnected aspirations to become "global." Through a series of focused discussions on Grounds, followed by a week-long trip to Shanghai over spring break, students will reflect on the way historical, cultural and global logics have shaped the way life is lived in the US versus China from the 1950s to the present. Using the panoramic lens of history, the zoom lens of anthropology, and the unique blend of "native" and "non-native" perspectives in our group, we will come to see ourselves and one another, Charlottesville and Shanghai, and our relationship to the "global" through more perceptive and receptive eyes.

Application goes live August 1st! To view the syllabus, visit: