Student Senate

The Hereford Student Senate (HSS)  is a body of student representatives that serves the Hereford Community. Consisting of two consuls, an executive board, and senators from each building, the Senate oversees the disbursement of the $20,000 budget consisting of student activities funds for enrichment programs, community-building activities, and improvements at the college. The Senate is the primary voice of Hereford students within the residential college as well as the larger University, helping to shape the direction of Hereford. The Senate also serves as a liaison between Hereford and the other residential colleges at U.Va. to plan joint activities. 

The Senate meets every Monday at 9pm in the Hereford Hub. Meetings are open to the Hereford community and all Herefordians are encouraged to attend. If you have an idea or know of a need around Hereford, please attend a meeting! Elections to HSS occur at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semester and at the conclusion of the academic year.

If you have an idea and would like to bring it to the Hereford Student Senate, please feel free to get in touch with the appropriate committee chair. Descriptions of each committee can be found in the lefthand menu. If you are not sure which committee chair to approach, just contact the HSS consuls, Momo Ihsan ( or Winston Liu ( 


Executive Board

Abby Taft

My name is Abby Taft and I am a Virginia native. I love to garden, read and write, and ride horses. I work as a vet assistant in my home town and love to take care of animals, and here at school I am enjoying working on my biology major and a pre-medical requirements.

Amy Zhao
Publicity Chair

Amy is a fourth year in the College majoring in Computer Science. When she's not coding away in Rice, she likes drawing, hiking, and exploring Charlottesville with friends. She is excited to get to know everyone and help create a friendly and encouraging environment within the Hereford community. Feel free to stop by her room on 2nd floor Norris to ask any questions or just to say hi!

Catherine Strawley
Retainment & Recruitment

My name is Catherine Strawley, and I am a second year Hereford resident majoring in Economics and studying to attend medical school. My major passions include music, environmentalism, and service; and in my free time I enjoy spending time with friends, exploring the outdoors, and playing violin and singing.

Momo Ihsan

Hello Fellow Herefordians! My name is Mohamed Ihsan (aka Momo), I am a 3rd year student studying Computer Science. I enjoy many things, including making and playing board games, running, drawing, reading, writing, hiking, nature walks and having new experiences whenever and wherever I can. I can foresee a most splendid year together at Hereford, and I look forward to it!

Monica Kuo

Monica is a fourth year student in the College pursuing pre-medical studies and a computer science degree.  Monica has been in the Hereford community since first year and is excited to return for her final year at UVa.  She has served as the Senate's publicity manager and consul in the past and is thrilled to begin her role as the treasurer in the coming year!

Sarah Sanfilippo

I'm a second year, from Pittsburgh, PA, looking to study WGS. I am the Body Positive Intern of the Women's Health Center in Charlottesville, and I'm passionate about seeing people and places grow and thrive to meet their full potentials. I also really like dogs. Hereford has served as a great home away from home for me my first year, and I am excited to play a leadership role in making sure it continues doing so for everyone else!