Student Senate

The Hereford Student Senate (HSS)  is a body of student representatives that serves the Hereford Community. Consisting of two consuls, an executive board, and senators from each building, the Senate oversees the disbursement of the $20,000 budget consisting of student activities funds for enrichment programs, community-building activities, and improvements at the college. The Senate is the primary voice of Hereford students within the residential college as well as the larger University, helping to shape the direction of Hereford. The Senate also serves as a liaison between Hereford and the other residential colleges at U.Va. to plan joint activities. 

The Senate meets every Monday at 9pm in the Hereford Hub. Meetings are open to the Hereford community and all Herefordians are encouraged to attend. If you have an idea or know of a need around Hereford, please attend a meeting! Elections to HSS occur at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semester and at the conclusion of the academic year.

If you have an idea and would like to bring it to the Hereford Student Senate, please feel free to get in touch with the appropriate committee chair. Descriptions of each committee can be found in the lefthand menu. If you are not sure which committee chair to approach, just contact the HSS consuls, Monica Kuo ( or Evan Sheldahl (

Executive Board

Alex Chmielinski

Evan Sheldahl

Major: Astrophysics
Evan is a third year in the College pursuing a major in Astrophysics. He also plays clarinet in the marching band at UVA. Therefore, he finds it funny that he deals with two different kinds of CMB! (Cosmic Microwave Background and Cavalier Marching Band) As you can see, he also likes bad puns. His other more tolerable interests include playing Nintendo games, listening to classic rock, and Hereford! He is excited to be one of your co-consuls this year!


Leila Rutlan Soulen

Major: English and Religious Studies

Leila is a fourth year in the College, attempting an English and Religious Studies double major. Predictably, she quite enjoys reading, as well as walking around grounds, singing (in the shower) and listening to good music and great people. She would be delighted to answer any questions you might have about Hereford, so please, feel free to email or stop by her room (Whyburn 2nd floor)! She's eager to get to know everyone, and wishes all a warm welcome (back) to Hereford!

Maurice Wong

Major: Computer Science

Maurice is a third year majoring in computer science and minoring in applied math. When his head isn't buried in a textbook, he enjoys reading, binge-watching Netflix, and consuming copious amounts of coffee. Sometimes all at the same time. He can be found on first floor Norris, but you'll most likely find him studying in the hub. 

Mohamed Ihsan
Publicity Chair

Major: Computer Engineering

Mohamed (or Momo!) is a second year hoping to major in Computer Engineering. He likes food, nature walking, cartography, Legend of Zelda, Star Wars and being social, among other things. If you have questions regarding the Engineering school, Hereford, or about anything else really (he will try to answer your question or direct you to someone who can), or want to get to know Mohamed (he loves meeting and befriending new people), you can find him on third floor Whyburn. 

Monica Kuo

Major: Computer Science & Music

Monica is a third year student in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is a prospective medical student and computer science major. She has a passion for visual and performing arts and loves DIY projects. She is excited to bond with Herefordians and to help foster a warm and welcoming community at UVa.  She looks forward to enjoying the upcoming year together with all Herefordians!

Perrin Arnold

Major: Archaeology and Biology

Perrin is a fourth year studying Archaeology and Biology. While he is involved in other activities and clubs such as the Washington Literary Society and Debating Union and the Virginia Glee Club (and painting and drawing whenever he can), he is most at home practicing his golf game right on the Hereford Hill. Feel free to stop by his room in Whyburn 104 to get to know him better!


Amelia Flannery

Committees: Sustainability

Edwin Kimko

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Committees: Social

Edwin Kimko is a 4th year majoring in biomedical engineering on the premed track. He is excited to be serving on Hereford’s Student Senate for another year as part of the Social Committee. He enjoys playing music and games. Edwin looks forward to meeting all the new and old Herefordians alike, and wishes for the best this upcoming year.

Evan Sheldahl

Major: Astrophysics
Committees: Banquet

Evan Sheldahl is a second year astrophysics major in the College of Arts and Sciences. He is a member of the Cavalier Marching Band (Go Hoos!), where he plays clarinet and dances awkwardly. He is also a space enthusiast (duh), avid video game player, and he likes hanging out with his friends. He hopes you enjoy every minute here at UVA!

Juan Carlos Velasco

Committees: Social

Juan Carlos is Evan Sheldahl's roommate (#BFF4Life) and shares his deep interest for space. He is currently a second year Astrophysics major and hopes to discover all of the Universe's secrets. Stargazing trips to Humpback Mountain with the Astronomy club and deep philosophical discussions with VAA are his favorite activities. Current goals include starting a board game collection and mastering the Rubik's cube. He is always up for an Ultimate Frisbee match on the Hereford Hill, so don't feel afraid to challenge him!

Kathryn Jaquish

Committees: Sustainability

Hello fellow Herefordians! My name is Kathryn Jaquish and I am a 3rd year in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. I recently transferred to UVa this past Spring of 2015 and I am super excited to be back on the Hereford Student Senate this Fall. I just spent my entire summer as a high school camp counselor in the beautiful woods of Southern Pennsylvania. I had an exciting time white water canoeing, rafting and rock climbing all while teaching high schoolers about God. I am a bubbly, talkative person who enjoys meeting new people, being outdoors, and having a grand time (: If you see me around Hereford don't be afraid to say hello, invite me to play games on the Hereford lawn or even grab a bite to eat at Runk! Cheers

Michael Hoffman

Committees: Needs Advocacy Physical Space (N.A.P.S.)

Sarah Dietz

Major: Biochemistry
Committees: Awareness

Hello Hereford!

My name is Sarah Dietz and I am a second year biochemistry major. I adore everything about science, as well as education, and I hope to combine the 2 into a dream job! Outside of school, my interests include volunteering, Netflix, and finding new ways to make my room look beautiful. 
My position in HSS is Social Justice Chair, and in the past, my team and I have had several discussions about pressing social and political issues that affect Hereford and UVA at large. If you have any suggestions on how to spread awareness on these issues, talk to me or join the Social Justice Committee!