Senate Programs

As the primary leadership body at Hereford, the Senate seeks to create programs and events that meet the wants and needs of all students in the community. Many of these are enriching, others are community-building, and some are just plain fun. Descriptions of several large-scale and repeatable events follow.

Hereford Saplings
The Saplings pairs new Hereford students with current Herefordians to help introduce our new members to the Hereford and UVa. community. This program is new for the 2015-2016 school-year.

Breakfast Club
HSS sponsors a weekly breakfast every Tuesday from 8-10am in the Hereford Hub for all members of the Hereford community. There are typically bagels, coffee, and juice as students head to class.

Campus Cookies
Every Wednesday at 8pm, HSS provides a study break of warm chocolate chip, Campus Cookies in the Hereford Hub! Bring your green cups for milk.

Field Trips
HSS sponsors two annual field trips. The fall trip is typically planned by the social committee and travels to one of the area theme parks while the spring trip is planned by either the Sustainability or Awareness committee and offers an opportunity to engage with Hereford's interests. Past trips included a visit to nearby organic Polyface Farm and a day-trip to Washington DC to visit the Museum of the American Indian.