Christian Steinmetz


Christian Steinmetz, a native Oregonian, has a passion for working with undergraduate students that began early in her career as an orientation director.  After earning a B.A. in English/Creative Writing from Eastern Oregon University, she began a career in student affairs which led her to an M.A. in College Student Personnel from the University of Portland, and, ultimately, a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia in Higher Education.

Her interest in the lives of undergraduates extends to her research interests in social identity development and access and support for first-generation students and students from lower SES backgrounds.  In all her work, she maintains a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion within higher education.  As a faculty member, she values personal connections with students as they navigate their academic and personal paths.

Outside of work, Christian enjoys spending time with her family, husband Jason and daughter Jillian, a first-year at Cornell University.  She loves cooking, movies, reading, true crime podcasts, and spending time with the family dog, Cowboy, cats, Winston and Sammy, and Jillian’s horse, Lincoln.

+ A message from Christian Steinmetz

It is such a pleasure to join you this year as the Principal of Hereford Residential College.  The first time I visited the Hereford community I knew it was a special place: a respite from the bustle of central grounds, a place to find community, and a space to reflect on our experiences and time here at the University of Virginia.  When I moved to Charlottesville to start graduate studies at UVa, I felt an overwhelming sense of awe at being at a university that was a whole continent away from home and much, much larger than my alma mater of 2,500 students.  Finding community with those that would become my lifelong friends and colleagues was what ultimately made UVa feel like home.  And I am excited to help contribute to that feeling at Hereford.

As the Principal I am here for you: to create opportunities to explore new ideas, dig deeper into expanding passions, and help make connections between people and ideas.  I look forward to hearing your stories and what excites you, what makes you smile when you get up in the morning.  And I look forward to the journey of college with you in the Hereford Community.