Resident Advisors

Austin Sullivan

Major: Computer Science with minors in Business and Applied Math

Hello hello! My name is Austin, and I'm a third-year in the E-School studying Computer Science with minors in Business and Applied Math. I grew up in the town of Swanton, Vermont and studied abroad in Auckland, New Zealand last fall. My hobbies include hiking, talking about computer science, and playing basically any sport I can, though I particularly love basketball and throwing the football on the Hereford lawn. My door on third floor Whyburn is always open when I'm there and I encourage you to stop by anytime!

Catherine Strawley

Major: Economics

My name is Catherine Strawley, and I am a third year Hereford resident majoring in Economics and studying to attend medical school. My major passions include music, environmentalism, and service; and in my free time I enjoy spending time with friends, exploring the outdoors, and playing violin and singing.

Eric Zhang

My name is Eric Zhang and I’m currently a second-year from Beijing, China. I live in first floor Norris. I am passionate about soccer, tennis, and photography. 


Isabella Posey

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Hi everyone! My name is Isabella, but most people call me Bella or Izzy. I am a second year studying biomedical engineering in the Engineering School, and I am also on the pre-med track. I am from Woodbridge, Virginia (NoVa), and this is going to be my second year living in Hereford! In my free time, I love exploring the Charlottesville area, going to the Corner, or staying in and binge watching random TV series. I am extremely excited to be an RA this year, and I am looking forward to meeting all of you!

Moronkeji Fapohunda

Major: Biology
Hi! My name is Moronkeji (Keji) Fapohunda, and I am the RA of 3rd Floor Norris (aka the best Floor). I come from a military family, so I’ve been a lot of places: Virginia, Maryland, Germany, and now Texas. I love anime and reading, writing on rainy days, and chipotle (my first love). Please feel free to catch me if you see me walking home and send a hi!


Ram Vuppaladadiyam

Major: Finance and Computer Science

Hi! My name is Sitaram Vuppaladadiyam, but you can call me Ram, or some derivative from that. Some prefer Mr. Voops, but do what you like. I'm from Lakewood, Colorado, and I'll be a third year studying Finance in the McIntire School of Commerce and Computer Science in the College of Arts and Sciences, along with a minor in Spanish. I'm super into tennis, tossing a football (or baseball or frisbee) around, developing fun apps, and chillin' outside. Feel free to reach out about anything! Ask me, and I'll show you some of my cool yo-yo tricks!