Senate Committees

The Hereford Student Senate is comprised of five committees that work to balance Hereford's ideals of living and learning. If you have an idea, need, or are simply interested in what is going on at Hereford, please feel free to contact the committee that best matches your issue. Or, simply contact any member of HSS.

Sustainability Committee

Kelly Tran, Co-Chair (

"Welcome to Hereford! My name is Kelly, and I have been here since first year! I am a Foreign Affairs and Global Sustainability double major who is open to learn from others or answer any questions - especially about Sustainability. I hope we can laugh together, work    together, and make the world a better place (starting with Hereford).

Dan Vo, Co-Chair (

"Hi! I’m a 3rd year Philosophy major aspiring to become an awesome lawyer later on! I love nature, food (blood is 50% chocolate, 50% cheese), sports, arts, books, and memes! When you see me eating, I suppose you could call me ‘a dining chair’ hahaha… (good pun intended).  Following the footsteps of American philosopher and social activist Wendell Berry – what I stand for, is what I stand on."

The Sustainability Committee fosters the spirit of physical wellness at Hereford by planning educational programs that raise awareness of environmental issues. This may entail, but is not limited to, working with UVa Housing to institute physical improvements to Hereford buildings (e.g. efficient hand-dryers; shower timers) or and providing Herefordians with re-usable dinnerware for all community-wide events to encourage sustainability.  Members of this committe think outside of the box.


Needs, Advocacy, Physical Space (NAPS) 

Andrew How, Chair (

"Hi, my name is Andrew How, and I’m a 4th year majoring in Biology and Psychology. I’m pursuing a career in medicine and hope to one day be a psychiatrist. I enjoy volunteering with local organizations including Autism Allies, Special Olympics, and JABA. In my free time, I enjoy playing guitar and making music on my computer, as well as playing basketball and soccer."


The NAPS Committee has a broad scope, but exists to fulfills the general needs of the Hereford Community.  The committee handles both the material needs of Hereford, seeking to reimagine and enhance Hereford’s spaces, as well as personal needs of the Hereford student body. For example, the committee has responded to student calls for improvements to the Hereford Hub and halls with cooking supplies, new artwork, and pillows. Other projects include Hereford t-shirts and hoodies, new soccer nets, and personal-care bags during final exam period.  Members of this committee are abstract and creative thinkers. 

Social Committee 

Tarun Goswami, Chair (


The goal of the Social Committee is to plan and execute social events for the Hereford community. In addition to small one-time or recurring events, the social committee is also responsible for planning a yearly day trip (i.e. King's Dominion). The purpose of this committee is to give Herefordians a reason to come together and get more acquainted with each other and the Hereford community. This committee is in charge of Breakfast Club, Campus Cookies, and BBQs.

Banquet Committee 

Leo Yang, Chair (

"I am a second year studying in the College and is currently on a pre-med track, pursuing a double major in neuroscience and biochemistry. I went to high school in Charlottesville, and so I would say that I am half a local. I love nature and appreciate everything that earth has given us. I enjoy outdoor activities and playing basketball. Hit me up if you have any question that I can help or just want to hoop!"


The Banquet Committee designs, plans, and executes all banquets sponsored by the Hereford Student Senate. Though the members do all the behind the scenes work, they are assisted in the actual setup and cleanup of the banquets by the general body of HSS. The commitee works with UVa Catering to schedule the events, design menus and organize decorations or other activities. Members of this committee are organized and team-players.

Social Awareness Committee

Tyler Lolicht, Chair (

"My name is Tyler and I am in my second year at UVA. I currently do not have a major, but I hope to be accepted into the neuroscience program next year. I love watching movies, hanging out with friends, board games, and snowball fights."


The Social Awareness Committee seeks to increase dialogue at Hereford surrounding issues of social justice, particularly as they pertain to members of our own community. This is be done via the planning of educational programs in Hereford, such as lectures or open-invitation conversations with faculty members or in collaboration with other groups around Grounds. Creative thinking is encouraged to meet the social justice interests of Herefordians and to further awareness of these issues in the community.

Fellows Committee

Anna Haikl, Chair (

"I am a third year majoring in systems engineering. Besides HSS my main involvements at UVA are QuestBridge and E-guides. In my free time I enjoy crafting, broad games, a very limited number of video games, tv watching, and trying new things (adventures, food, etc.). I've also learned that a surprising amount of my free time is taken up by reminding a great number of UVA students that Charlottesville simply ain't the south. I'm from Texas, y'all should trust me. (I don't actually talk like that.) If you want to chat about any of things I've mentioned or my experience studying in Central Europe, let me know!"

The Fellows Committee seeks to create a strong relationship between Hereford Fellows and the student community. This committee would collaborate with the Hereford Principal to engage with and plan programs around Fellows’ interests. The goal of the Fellows Committee is to facilitate student-faculty interactions that students could not get in the classroom.

Outreach Committee

Angela Yi, Chair (

(more information coming soon)


The Outreach Committee has two main goals: recruit and retain people to Hereford, and reach out to outside organizations, CIO’s and Residential Colleges within UVa and the Charlottesville community. This committee strives to get Hereford’s name out to UVa and Charlottesville, while also bringing different kinds of communities into life at Hereford. This committee aids the Recruitment and Retainment Officer of HSS with their duties on the Senate.