UVA in China

GSGS 3676 Global Engagement
at Home and Abroad

This is a three-credit course open to undergraduates in all years. Priority admission is given to Hereford Residential College students. No prior experience or knowledge is needed.

About the

Shanghai is an ideal location to explore cross-cutting local, national and global processes. We will spend time walking the city, meeting local experts, interacting with East China Normal University students, and experiencing quotidian pleasures. During an overnight trip to Suzhou, we will explore world-renowned gardens and a recreated traditional neighborhood along the Pingjiang River.


By the end of the course, students will:

Become familiar with key symbols, social movements, and identities that have shaped the lives of people living in the US and China from the mid-twentieth century to the present.

Acquire theoretical concepts to describe the changing global context within which China and the US are differentially embedded.

Cultivate an “anthropological sensibility” that contrasts with the more pervasive “global sensibility” in its use and understanding of the concept of culture.

Come to understand how their particular national location(s) shape their views of the world.

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