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Hereford Lawn view from Vaughan House
Hereford Lawn (view from Vaughan House)


Home on the Hill 

Hereford is more than just a place to sleep, it is a community to call home! Located on the beautiful Observatory Hill, Hereford is close to Central Grounds, located near Runk Dining Hall, and has some of the most stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains available at the University.

Hereford unites living and learning through dynamic programs and opportunities not offered in the traditional classroom or dormitory setting. The Hereford community is comprised of nearly 200 first-fourth year students from a diverse range of majors and schools. The community is also made up of faculty, university, and community Fellows. Hereford students have the opportunity to interact with Fellows through many programs, such as Food with Fellows dinners, the Adopt-a-Floor program, and 1-credit short courses.

Key components of Hereford are the student governance and meaningful faculty interaction. Hereford is student-governed by the Hereford Student Senate (HSS). This group of leaders responds to student needs within the community to develop enriching programs, social activities, and special events. The HSS is responsible for managing the significant Hereford student budget paid for by annual student fees. Working directly with the student leaders are the Faculty Principal and Director of Studies, who also live at Hereford. 

Living Well: Sustainability and Social Awareness

At Hereford, care for the physical and social environment drive student programming. Initiatives such as providing re-usable dishware to students for Hereford events, equipping residence hall bathrooms with shower timers, and instituting a recycling and composting program in residence halls help reduce our environmental footprint. Hereford students engage with their social world with informed dialogues about current issues, special guest speakers, and field trips to locations such as the Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. 


Whyburn House


Hereford Lawn (view from bottom of the Hill)