Hereford events bring together members of our community for
opportunities and fun not found elsewhere in the University.

We Host Many Events Throughout the Year

Faculty Sponsored Events


Vaughan Dinners are held several times a semester in the Faculty Principal’s residence (Vaughan House). Students dine with special guests from the University, local community, or beyond.


Food with Fellows dinners are opportunities for students to get to know a Hereford Faculty Fellow, while also enjoying a tasty dinner in a casual atmosphere.


The Adopt a Fellow program partners Hereford Fellows with an RA to plan events and programs for one floor of residents. Past events have included make-your-own pizza, old-school gaming night, Duck Donuts, and an ice cream sundae bar.


Our Director of Studies and anthropologist, Caren Freeman, hosts weekly gatherings called “Dumplings with Huoban.” The purpose of the group is to promote conversation on topics relevant to Chinese society and conducive to cross-cultural reflection while enjoying dumplings or other Asian cuisine. This semester’s theme is Crazy Rich Asian Food and Culture.


In conjunction with the Hereford Student Senate Social Awareness Committee, our Program Coordinator and politics BA/MA, Aida Barnes-May, hosts monthly gatherings called “Politics Corner.” This semester, we are focusing on the 2020 presidential election and discussing how to get registered to vote, how to vote early or by mail, the candidates running in Virginia and in our home districts, and an election overview once everything has shaken out.

Student Senate Events

The Student Senate create programs and events that meet the wants and needs of all students in the community. Many of these are enriching, others are community-building, and some are just plain fun.


The Senate meets every Sunday at 8pm in the Hereford Hub. Meetings are open to the Hereford community and all Herefordians are encouraged to attend. If you have an idea or know of a need around Hereford, please attend a meeting!


HSS sponsors weekly breakfast every Tuesday morning at 7:30 AM in the Hereford Hub for all members of the Hereford community.


Every Thursday evening at 9:00 PM, HSS provides a study break with warm, assorted, cookies in the Hereford Hub! Don’t forget to bring your green Hereford plates and cups for milk!

Monthly Banquets

Hereford hosts several banquets, about one per month. Some of the banquets, like Alpha and Omega Banquet, help us start and end the year as a community. Others feature holiday fare, such as Halloween Banquet and Chinese New Year Banquet. Still others help us welcome special guests to Hereford, like President Ryan. But all of our banquets offer Hereford students the chance to come together over great food and enjoy the company of friends and Faculty Fellows.


In the fall, the RAs in Hereford and Johnson, Malone, and Weedon (JMW) team up to host a festival on the Hereford Lawn. At this event, you can find residents grilling burgers and hot dogs, carving pumpkins, listening to music, taking-in the beautiful fall scenery.


Every year, before Halloween, the Hereford community votes on a movie to screen on the Hereford Lawn and enjoy with the broader community. Sweet Treats’ food truck often makes a special appearance!


Bloomfield Cup is the annual flag football tournament held each April between the houses of Hereford College (Norris and W hyburn) and our neighboring dorms of Johnson, Weedon, and Malone. Named after former Hereford Principal Lou Bloomfield, the tournament allows students to play for the honor of their house. For those less inclined to hit the field, the day is also filled with other fun activities including a BBQ.


Held at the beginning of each school year, convocation ceremony welcomes all new members into the Hereford community. Once an annual ritual, this tradition was revived in 2014 and is now a regular Hereford event. The celebration marks the unofficial start to the new school year and is the first gathering of the entire Hereford community. Held in the Hereford amphitheater, the ceremony involves a special candle-lighting ceremony.