Spaces & Places

Hereford is uniquely situated for easy access to Central Grounds, but at the same time provides a quiet retreat with the greenest environment at UVA. One of the best things about living at Hereford is the variety of indoor and outdoor spaces for social activities, programs, studying, and relaxation.


The heart of the Hereford community is the Hereford Hub, where many of the regular programs, courses, and other activities take place, such as: weekly breakfast club, Dessert Night with MarieBette pastries, short courses, and Student Senate meetings. The Hub is equipped with a comfortable TV lounge space, a private group study space/classroom, and our multipurpose room. Hereford’s Program Coordinator is also based in the Hub.


The two modern residence halls that make up Hereford College are Whyburn and Norris, both of which offer single and double rooms for hall-style living. Each floor has a lounge, offering privacy as well as a community lifestyle. There is one kitchen in each building complete with a stove, oven, microwave, and refrigerator for cooking needs. For more information, see Residence Halls


The Hereford Principal lives in Vaughan House, directly above the Hereford Hub. The Vaughan House is an architectural centerpiece, and one of the most unique buildings on Grounds. The Hereford Principal hosts special functions in the Vaughan House, including dinners with invited guests and Fellows, holiday gatherings, and seasonal parties.


In addition to the natural woods that surrounds us, Hereford boasts the largest public lawn space on Grounds other than the main Lawn. During warm weather, we hold many of our large outdoor events on the Lawn, including Movie on the Hill and Camping Night, as well as the Alpha and Omega Banquets. On most days, Herefordians can be seen enjoying our Lawn–whether it be a friendly game of frisbee, a respite in one of our hammocks, or playing with the dogs and children of neighboring families who frequently share the space.


The Hereford Garden is tended by the Hereford community throughout the school year and summer. The garden allows for hands-on teacher/student collaboration on topics such as planting, bed preparation, seed transplantation, etc., and typically culminates in a feast based on the harvest. Hereford’s garden is an embodiment of our mission of living well as a sustainably-minded community. Come join us and get your hands dirty!


Runk is the dining room closest to Hereford where our students typically eat on a meal plan. Runk sometimes partners with Hereford on special events. Our Principal, Director of Studies, and Faculty Fellows also use the dining room and share a meal with our students. Finally, there is a convenience store located inside Runk for an easy spot to replenish snacks and sundries for your room.


Hereford holds many of its larger events and banquets in the Green Room, which is located in the same building as the Runk Dining Hall. We have hosted several dinners in the Green Room, including an evening with President Ryan and Lunar New Year.

The Mailroom and Laundry Room are located to the left of the Green Room.


Hereford is located atop Observatory Hill, named for its proximity to UVA’s McCormick Observatory on Mt. Jefferson, where you can find over 7 miles of wooded hiking, biking, and running trails. The Hereford Student Senate hosts weekly group hikes and walking tours of these historic grounds.