Hereford Programs

Hereford College offers a wide range of academic and social programming consistent with our three foci of mindfulness, social awareness, and sustainability. Our programs reflect our natural curiosity about the world around us, but we also know how to relax and have fun!


One of the many perks of living in Hereford is that we offer 1-credit short courses every semester. Enrolling in one of these courses will give you an opportunity to explore topics beyond your major or field of study and, of course, have fun! Below are the courses we are offering in Spring 2024:


Interested in gardening? Curious about what it takes to grow your own food? Willing to get dirty? Instructor Michelle Maggiore introduces students to a broad range of topics such as planting, bed preparation, composting, and harvesting.

Bill's Bugs

This course will explore some of history’s most impactful pathogens and how they shaped our world. Taught by world famous infectious disease expert Dr. William Petri, Bill’s Bugs is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in medicine and public health. 


In collaboration with the UVA Contemplative Sciences Center (CSC), Hereford participates in annual retreats away from Grounds and usually in a beautiful, natural setting. At the retreat, we focus on community-building and take part in mindfulness programming, such as qigong, yoga, and stress relief.

To read more about Hereford’s partnership with the CSC, click here.



HSS sponsors two annual field trips. The fall trip is typically planned by the social committee and travels to one of the area theme parks while the spring trip is planned by either the Sustainability or Awareness committee and offers an opportunity to engage with Hereford’s interests.


The Sapling Program pairs new Herefordians with returning Herefordians to help introduce them to the Hereford and UVA community. This program first launched during the 2015-2016 academic year.


Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or Final Exam Week, the NAPS Committee (Needs, Advocacy, and Physical Space) always has your back with care packages. With thoughtfully-selected items include chocolates, Cheez-Its, other assorted snacks, Blue Books, and pencils. These care packages help remove some of the stresses of college life.


Show off your voice at Hereford’s karaoke nights! Held two or three times a semester, singing in the shower just won’t feel the same ever again. Plus, with three microphones, your friends won’t have an excuse not to join you!


Games and movies — two great ways to bring residents of all interests together. Planned by various members of the Hereford community, each event has a different focus, whether it’s board games, horror movies, romcoms, or Mario Kart.


Every month, the Banquet Committee prepares a themed banquet. Kick off the start of the school year, welcome the autumn harvest, dine with members of the University community, celebrate Lunar New Year, and more as you enjoy catered food alongside your fellow Herefordians.


Learning doesn’t stop once you leave the classroom, and Hereford recognizes that by holding regular workshops and dialogues. Led by members of Hereford, the University, and the broader Charlottesville community, these workshops are always bound to teach you something new or give you a new perspective on life.