The Hereford administrative staff, affectionately called the “Perennial Team” or PT, works with the Hereford Student Senate to provide programs and events for the community. In particular, the administrative staff focuses on developing academic programs that align with Hereford’s three foci: mindfulness, social awareness, and sustainability.

Fellows are an integral part of the Hereford community providing many ways for students to interact with teachers, researchers, and interesting community members outside of the classroom.

The Hereford Student Senate is made up of our Executive Board members, as well as our Committee Chairs.

Mohamed (Momo) Ihsan

Austin Sullivan

Leila Rutland Soulen

Ali Jarrah

Casey Bloome

Logan Brock

Beth Habtegebrael

Samantha Verdi

Kamiyah Adebayo

Celeste Nathan

Velan Shanmuganathn

Stephanie Tiede

Jessica Smith

Yili Bai

Gabi D’Avanzo

Aimee Rich

Mitchell Francis

Saskia Poot

Seonbin Song

Yushun Ding

Caren Freeman

Bill Antholis

Jason Steinmetz

Dan Inkelas

Cale Jaffe

Stephen Macko

Michael Mason

Diana Morris

Louis Nelson

Bill Petri

Lisa Shutt

Karl Shuve

Nancy Takahashi

Richard Tanson

Karen Kurotsuchi Inkelas

Christian Steinmetz

Tomoya Nishira

Katie Coleman

Tommy Ferrier

Alan Leffers