Hereford Residential College focuses on promoting students’ well-being so that they may thrive during their college experience and beyond. Through a rich array of academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular programming, interactions with faculty fellows, and student self-governance, we strive to enhance well-being through three interrelated and integrated foci.


We sponsor an array of activities to support students’ wellbeing, such as qigong, yoga, and mindfulness workshops.


We also support each other in achieving our goals mentally and physically through activities such as final exam snack breaks, stress relief sessions, and fitness February.


We strive to use sustainable practices in our community, such as composting, reusable dinnerware, and low- or no-waste events.

Student Senate

The Hereford Student Senate (HSS) is a body of student representatives that serves the Hereford Community. HSS is the primary voice of Hereford students within the residential college as well as the larger University, helping to shape the direction of Hereford. HSS directly oversees a substantial budget for programs, activities, and resources for the Hereford community.


Hereford was founded in 1992 as the second of UVA’s residential colleges. Originally called the ‘New’ College, it was re-named in 1993 in honor of former University President and physics professor Frank L. Hereford. The College is located atop Observatory Hill, which is part of Thomas Jefferson’s original land purchase when he  founded the University. Together, with Vaughan House, where Hereford’s Principal resides, world-renowned architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsien designed the five buildings on Observatory Hill (Johnson, Malone, Norris, Weedon, & Whyburn) as a reinterpretation of Jefferson’s Academical Village plan with residence halls surrounding the central Hereford Lawn.