Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our community. If you still have questions after reading these, please feel free to get in touch!

Where is Herefod located?

Hereford is located on Observatory Hill in the western area of the UVa Grounds, near the Scott Stadium. The residence halls are located next to Runk Dining Hall and are only a short walk to the Aquatic Fitness Center, UVa.'s primary fitness center. The college is a short walk to academic buildings including many engineering classrooms and is a 10-minute bus ride to Central Grounds via the Northline bus. Also nearby are the miles of hiking and biking trails on Observatory Hill including access to the Rivanna Trails as well as the nearby Fry's Spring Corner with a selection of restaurants and shops. Find a map and directions on our Contact page.

Who can live at Hereford?

Hereford is a community of first, second, third, and fourth year students from all majors and schools as well as international, transfer, and exchange students. One of the great things about living in Hereford is the opportunity to meet students from other class-years and majors. Students can choose to live in Hereford throughout their time at UVa.

What exactly is a residential college?

A residential college is a form of living and learning community within the larger University that allows for student self-governance, encourages innovative forms of learning, and instigates meaningful engagement between students and faculty outside of the lecture hall. The UVa. residential college ideal is premised on Thomas Jefferson's notion of the Academical Village in which students and faculty live and learn together as a holistic community. Hereford is one of three residential colleges at UVa. each of which has its own unique identity and traditions. Hereford's unparalleled physical environment and focus on environmental and social wellness set it apart from the other colleges.

The name says 'college' does that mean you have classes?

Yes! As a residential college we 'learn to live and live to learn' meaning we strive to cultivate intellectual curiosity in our students beyond the classroom. We offer one-credit short courses each semester covering topics not typically found in the traditional curriculum (e.g. Food and Film; Art and Crime; Introduction to Gardening). However, we mostly try to provide more unconventional opportunities for learning such as field trips or student-led workshops (i.e. self defense). 

I like to cook my own food sometimes, are there kitchen facilities at Hereford?

Absolutely! Food is an important part of life at Hereford--from banquets, to BBQs, to Breakfast Club--and students can also be found eating together in nearby Runk Dining Hall using their meal plan. If you would like to prepare your own food, cook with friends, or even host a cooking demonstration there is a kitchen located in each residence hall and the Hereford Student Senate provides basic, shared cooking equipment, avaible on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Who should I talk to if I have a question about Hereford procedures or anything related to Hereford?

If you have a question or problem and are not sure who to ask, the best place to start is with our Office Manager, Terry Hughes. Terry can be found via email or in her office located in the Hereford Hub during normal business hours Monday-Friday. She also has candy available! This is also where you will sign up for trips, purchase Hereford regalia, and take care of other Hereford business.

Why don't you provide cups at Hereford events?

As part of our sustainability mission, we no longer provide disposable cups at Hereford-wide events. Instead, we provide each Herefordian with a reusable, green cup at the beginning of the school year that they can bring to all Hereford events. We also provide coffee mugs and cups in the Hereford Hub for our 24-hour coffee and tea supply.